Foodies: Healthy Lunchbox Snacks

We are now half way through the year and the summer holidays are well under way. That said, I’m not one for crash diets and trying to lose weight in the quickest way possible or cutting out all my favorite things – I like carbs far too much! days. However, I’m quite laid back when it comes to my body image (read lazy) and would rather make small, yummy changes to my meals than starve for the sake of an instagram picture.

I take my lunch to work each day as it stops me heading to the on-site canteen and indulging in chips and lots of other naughty but nice treats. I like to try and mix it up each day with salads, soup, wraps and bagels taking preference. I also like to round my lunch off properly with a packet of crips and some kind of snack bar. But lately I have been switching up my usual kit kat for a nakd protein bar.

Nakd bars come in a variety of flavours from choc orange to mint, the really scrumptious rhubard and custard and berry. They are totally natural and give you that little sugar boost to get you through the afternoon, minus the hefty calorie intake.

You can buy them from the health foods aisle in Tesco and I’m sure other supermarkets stock them too. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to your choccie fix, you should check them out!

Nakd Bars

Nakd Bars

Nakd Bars

Nakd Bars

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  1. aglossythought says:

    I love nakd bars in all their delcious naturalness. It’s more of an underdog but their bakewell tart one is a great way of enjoying one guilt-free!

    1. Ruth Writes says:

      They’re amazing aren’t they? One of my favourite snacks x

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