The route to happiness

The route to happiness

Ok, yes the title of this post makes it sound like I know it all. But bare with me. Currently I’m sat in my garden, enjoying a lovely burst of sunshine. Sunnies are on and James Bay is singing away to me on Spotfy. This is just one of those moments that I’m thankful for. Using my holidays from work to simply take some me-time.     On Monday night, my boyriend and I went to watch Ben Howard at the Echo Arena. He was amazing. Simply put. His voice was outstanding and the band were so tight, delivering each note, sound, tone effortlessly. These are the moments that make me truly happy.

I’ve always loved going to gigs and having decided to retire myself from the festival season, well apart from a maybe day trip to ParkLife as Ben is playing, I’m enjoying artists own tours rather than packing loads of artists into a day. Live music, an overpriced pint of now warm, cider in my hand and friends, loved ones by my side, is truly great. And going to see artists play makes me really every now and again, you’ve got to appreciate the small things.

So what are my small things?

Having spent the last 12 months getting settled in a job that I love, I was left thinking what’s the next thing to work towards? My next goal? So I decided to start running – despite having never ran before.

Oh and a 5k in June for the Race for Life. I’ll do a separate post on that, but I suppose the point of this post is, that being in the moment is good.

I’ve stopped long-term planning and you know what? It feels good. Just living week to week, enjoying the weekend and days like today with Discolure p0laying (yeah Spotify moved on). I’m happy.

Amd that’s at the root of it. If you’re happy, today, at this second, you shouldn’t need to strive for more. The next thing to bring happinesss. I should already be there.

And I’ve gotta tell you, sitting in the sun, tapping away at my laptop, working on my blog makes me very happy. It’s like they say, it’s the little things.

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