Tasty Tortilla Pizza

Tasty Tortilla Pizza

Since the start of the year I’ve been following Slimming World. The first month I lost steadily, whilst the last few weeks have lead to a steady sustain, which is deserved after Valentines weekend and my Grandad’s 90th on Sunday.

However I’ve found the perfect balance is just to incorporate it into your usual lifestyle, rather than treating it as a diet. Now I’m over two months in, I have figured out what works for me, how I can still allow myself treats, such as Friday wine and meals out, without overly rocking the scales.

However, it’s nice to try new recipes and find yummy alternatives for my favourite foods. And, this week I gave tortilla pizza a go. Complete with my favourite toppings, it was delicious, yummy and didn’t fare too badly on the syn front either!

Homemade Tortilla Pizza


  • Tortilla
  • Tomato puree or passata
  • Low fat grated cheese
  • Feta and smoked cheddar
  • Green and yellow peppers
  • Cherry tomatoes

Simply load up, pop in the oven and you have a guilt-free dinner made in minutes!

Homemade Tortilla Pizza

Homemade Tortilla Pizza

Homemade Tortilla Pizza

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