Rock on Ruby Clothes Swap Blogger Event

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Rock on Ruby blogger event in Manchester. It was a fabulous afternoon, held at Font Bar near Oxford Rd station. It’s always lovely to attend events and meet a whole host of bloggers from across North-West.

Rock on Ruby Manchester Blogger Event

The theme of the meet up was a clothing, accessories and beauty swap. It was the perfect opportunity to have a little Spring clean and rid a couple of items from my wardrobe that I’d bought but still had the tags on, oops!

There was a great turn-out and I managed to pick up a gorgeous long, gold necklace and a gold eyeshadow. I steered clear from the rails of clothes as I have too many as it is!

Rock on Ruby Manchester Blogger Event

Rock on Ruby Manchester Blogger Event

Manchester Blogger Event

As I was in Manchester I thought I’d head over to Primark and pick up another one of their coconut and vanilla candles which I blogged about hereย – I’m a bit obsessed at the minute!

After a quick pit-stop for some lunch at Dough in the NQ and a visit to Zara where I picked up a new dress, it was time to head for the train home. Such a great day and a massive thank you to the Rock on Ruby girls for hosting such a great event!

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