Celebrity workout DVDs: Worth the investment?

Charlotte Crosby, known best for her residency in the Geordie Shore household often makes her way into the weekly mags,but recently she has been hitting the news for a totally different reason – her epic weight loss. Now, before I get into this post I must stress my opinion doesn’t come from that of a keyboard warrior. More from a bemused point of view, following the trend of celebrity workout DVDs hitting the shelves every January and whether they are selling us unattainable results or a path that should be followed.

Charlotte Crosby weight loss

Viewers of the MTV show will know that Charlotte’s weight has fluctuated over the past couple of years but in December, Charlotte unveiled her petite size 6/8 body and her new 3 minute belly blitz DVD to boot.

Her exercise plan and food swaps have been provided in many of the weekly magazines, but is this a realistic representation of achieving a healthy lifestyle?

The old saying goes that it takes one months to make a habit and one month to break. Celebrities such as Charlotte, her ex co-star Vicky Pattinson, ex-BB housemate, Josie Gibson, ex-Steps member Claire Richards and Natalie Cassidy have all achieved amazing bodies through having personal trainers and released DVDs to show us mere-mortals how to do it too.

Crafted from hours spent in the gym with a  PT on stand-by and a refined diet consisting of egg whites, smoothies and lots of avocado. But, why do we continuously buy into the fad?

The tell-take signs begin when images hit the Daily Mail of celebs having a relaxed work-out sesh in their local park wearin wholly unattractive work-out gear. Generally this takes place around the September mark and if we’re lucky, we’re also treated to the running down the beach shots – again wearing less than flattering swimwear.

Charlotte Crosby weight loss

But, not all is lost. Fitness fanatic Davina McCall releases an updated version of her fitness DVD each year, showing that the proof is in the pudding, as she looks fantastic all year round.

As we delve further into 2015, those of us supporting Dry January (I personally didn’t give it a go as a whisky on a Friday night is a must!), kick-starting healthy eating plans and continue to juice everything in sight, will begin to ease up on the need to lose.

Hopefully, this will also be the year we ease up on ourselves. Realise a couple of extra lbs is ok, a sausage butty on a Saturday morning is a must and burgers are amazing and it would be rude to deny our bodies of such deliciousness in moderation…maybe celebrities such follow suit!

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