Kylie Jenner – The cool kid on the block

Kylie Jenner. The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan is making waves on social media thanks to her babein’ Insta pics of the lips, the boobs and the stand-out green hair and I am loving it.

When the Kardashians hit our screens our screens  back in 2007, the air time was firmly focused on the older three, however it’s time to pave the way for the younger Jenners sisters to emerge.

Whilst Kendall strides ahead, taking the fashion glitterati by storm on the catwalk,  Kylie is the sister to take note of. Khloe Kardashian has for many years been my favourite sister by far. No nonsense, sassy and speaking up when necessary, she makes Kim and Kourt look pale in comparison and Kylie is fabulously following in her footsteps.

The firm friendship between the two is often displayed on Instagram. Complete with cliquey pictures of the two, minus the rest, my favorite two have united and Kylizzle and KoKo are on the rise.

Kylie has denied any cosmetic enhancements but those lips can’t be missed and she introduced the world to a very enhanced cleavage on Thursday…much like her older sister. So,this has got me thinking, just how far will she go to push the boundaries?



Despite only being 17, her love life is a hot topic on the Daily Fail. She is rumoured to have dated Jaden Smith and most recently, Tyga. Before Christmas, Kylie  took to Twitter to dispel pregnany rumours….yet more LA whispers regarding the reality star.

What’s next for Miss Jenner remains to be seen, but I am very excited to see how she continues to grow surrounding by the media and in the public eye. She turn 18 in August and I have a feeling she is going to be the stand-out member of the family before the year is out.Kim, your little sis is hot on your heels to steal your celebrity crown….

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