Refining my mealtimes

The past few months have seen many changes occur to my work life and with these changes came a kind of laziness. My love for food and cooking fell by the wayside as I opted to buy my lunches as opposed to take them to work. And, evening meals centered around  a quick and easy jacket spud. But no more.

Last week I decided it was high time I got back into the kitchen and made sure I was getting my 5-a-day. There is such an emphasis on ‘eating clean’ these days. All over Instagram and Twitter we are confronted with people on fitness plans eating the same meal on repeat, night after night and loaded with veg and meat, yet little enjoyment in what they’re eating.

So, with this came the mind frame of putting goodness back into my body, without restrictions or guilt over a weekend take-away or a good few drinks to unwind. They say it’ all about moderation after all….

Sweet potatoes, broccoli, cabbage and green beans to name but a few, these all feature rather highly in my evening meals, but there’s one veggie I’ve been wanted to try – butternut squash.

I’ve always wondered how to cut it, cook it and work in into my evening meals so I thought I would start small – butternut squash wedges.

Sliced butternut squash

I just made them as I would with sweet potatoes, slice, dice and lightly spray with olive oil frylite and straight into the oven for 20 mins.

Homemade chilli and butternuut squash wedges

Homemade meals

Turns out they were perfect – soft, not too overcooked and yet slightly crispy on the outside. I made a batch of homemade chilli to accompany from mince meat, chopped tomato, a little chilli seasoning and onions. A hearty meal that took only 30 mins to prep! Next, I think I shall try butternut squash soup….

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