The time I artraved with Lady Gaga…

The time I artraved with Lady Gaga…

In the midst of Hurricane Gonzalo on Tuesday night I met up with two of my favourite people and headed to Manchester to catch the latest leg of Lady Gaga’s Artrave tour!

One of my lovely friend’s Caro, who I used to work with, booked tickets for herself, our friend Kat and I earlier in the year. It was so lovely to see them both and catch up on Kat’s gorgeous wedding news and get back to what I do best – mithering Caro and bug her about reading my blog:)

So after many months of waiting.. we headed off to marry the night and experience Gaga at her best!

I’m actually really annoyed it has taken me so long to see her as she put on one hell of a show. One of my favourite things about going to gigs and watching artists perform live is when they love it as much as the crowd and Gaga gave it her all.

OOTD - River Island and h&m
OOTD – River Island and h&m

Hit after hit, she just kept delivering! With many, many monologues to the crowd on individuality, expressing yourself and releasing your inner artists, she was on form. The show even included a gay proposal which I must admit did bring a little tear to my eye!

She ended in true iconic style by playing past the venue’s curfew and returning to the stage for one last song. It was a non-stop two hour show – I can’t wait for her next tour!

Lady Gaga the Manchester Arena

Lady Gaga in Manchester 2014

Lady Gaga at Manchester October 2014

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