Five signs you are on the wrong side of 25….

Ageing can sometimes be a struggle, but the older you get ย you start to realise it’s not so bad. I mean who wants to be 21 still anyway..

Ways to tell you're the wrong side of 25

  • The new choker trend. You remember it the first time round and rocked it well as a funky looking 10 year old at the school disco. However if you ignore it, it will go away.
  • Jelly shoes. The item that your Mum made you wear to protect your feet on holidays in Wales, not want you should be wearing now in your twenties. Teamed with ankle socks no less.
  • Standing at festivals. Yes, you could to be at the front and get a great view of the band, soaking up the atmosphere. But your feet hurt, its raining and taking a seat at the back is just so much more appealing.
  • Sometimes, every now and again at festivals you just want to have a good nights sleep. Yes, you want enjoy yourself and will do, just not past 2am.
  • You understand the satisfaction of a sunny day. No, not for a trip to the beer garden, to peg a load of washing out.

It’s hard getting older, but someones gotta do it. It’s totally acceptable to stay home, onesie on with snacks and enjoying Saturday night telly. Plus a vat of wine. Let’s never forget wine. That, my friends, is acceptable at any age.

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