Make up removers: The best of the rest

Back in January I posted about my New Years resolutions and the biggie this year was to really invest in a great skincare routine. I have quite  oily/spot prone skin and as I’m not getting any younger, it was time to address the issue head on. In the past I have always used make up wipes to remove my make up on a day to day basis but with the amount of beauty blogs I read it was high time I upped my game and first on the list was a decent make up remover.

Make up remover


Back in January I invested in a blogger favorite and a bottle of Biodermia mercier water from an ebay seller. Biodermia is a brand I had read so much about but didn’t know whether the hype. However I was pleasantly surprised. It really does feel like water, strips off all my make up including waterproof mascara and leaves my skin feeling fresh. I can really feel the difference as my skin feels like it can breathe. But we are now six months later and the bottle is just about to run out so I have started to shop around for alternatives before I can get my french skincare fix in a couple of months.

Make up remover

On the way home from a recent trip to Brugge I bought a bottle of Biotherm mercier water from duty free. Another high end make up brand which again really does the job. It has a slightly stronger alcohol smell to it and doesn’t feel as clean as Biodermia but it does the job and gets all my make up off in one go. I’m not sure I would purchase again but it is a great substitute.

Thirdly, but by no means last is a faithful bottle of Nivea make up remover. Really cheap from Home Bargains, no more than three quid and perfect for nights when you can’t be bothered with a full removal but know better than to reach for for the make up wipes.


Biotherm make up remover

Let me know which is your favourite or of you have any recommendations! x

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