Say it loud with slogans

Well its been a while since I last posted, and after a friend of mine pointed this out I have decided to put pen to paper, figuratively speaking of course, and blog again. I think my lack of posts is because I’m a blogger of circumstance.  Bloggers post about restaurants and going out to dinner, events and trips to new places. Recently I haven’t done any of the above hence the lack of posts and lack of blogging motivation. But with summer just round the corner, from here on in I’m going to try and be a good blogger and make my posts a little more regular.

Anyways back to today’s post. I haven’t done a fashion post for a good white so let’s get back to it! One trend I’m loving lately is one that’s been around for a while but still looks fab- slogan prints. From selfie slogans, to the Mean Girls reference tee’s, I know what is on my wish list. Good job we’ve just had pay day! Today was dress down day in work and my work sis and I both rocked up with our slogan prints on, the quote we all love from LiLo’s early years and the Vogue slogan that’s been doing the rounds. We just thought it was too good of a photo opportunity to miss!


  1. Ebay
  2. River Island
  3. River Island

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