Weekend Round Up

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, this weekend was my turn to cook in my friends and I versions of ‘Come dine with me’. Being the only one who still lives at home, and in a bid to stop my Ma wondering through to get a brew, my turn was based at my best friends house. I do like to cook and quite regularly make a home cooked meal, but I’ve never cooked for more than 3 people, so 5 was a challenge. How the key was preparation and I decided to stick to what I know- Mexican!

The challenge was to a three course meal, so I opted to do a nachos (always a winner), home-made enchiladas which turned out quite well and fruit and chocolate sundaes for desert. I did mean to photograph the cooking process of the enchiladas but manning pans and chopping veg, took priority so these are the couple of snaps I took!






Ruth’s Mexican Menu!

  • Nachos loaded with guac, grated cheese and sour cream to start
  • Chicken and bean enchiladas with veg, feta and avocado salad, honey dressing and rice
  • Vanilla, chocolate and forest fruits sundae

On Sunday afternoon I caught up with one of my friends and finally watched Pitch Perfect at long last! I decided to wear my flocked leggings again, but this time teamed them with my faithful converse trainers and purple jumper from H&M.



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