The ultimate festival look

The next event circled on my calendar is V Festival the weekend after next, and for the first time, I am yet to have my festival outfit sorted. We are only going for the day on the Saturday to Weston Park after being a little to unlucky to get Sunday tickets, so instead of being defeated, we went for the next best thing- the day before! Now, I have the obvious essentials ticked off my list as they just so happen to be left over from Glastonbury- hand sanitiser, tissues, toilet roll etc, but my outfit? Nope. However, because tents aren’t involved and we staying strictly 5* in a lovely guest house near by, its hair straighteners and immaculate Β make-up all the way, which also means I can choose a nice outfit cos I’ll be home to a cosy bed and hot shower once Kings of Leon have done their thing!

However, that aside these are my top picks for the outfit options on the day- weather depending of course! I have my fingers crossed for sun and blue skies! PS. I am all for colour clashing- I mean it is a festival after all! PPS. I have been lusting after these boots for SO long waiting for them to come in stock- love!!

Yellow (Yellow) Innocence Pink and Yellow Neon Smudge Tassel Kaftan  | 290943885 | New Look

Deep Red (Red) Dark Red Double Buckle Ankle Boots | 284808462 | New Look

1. Neon Smudge Kimono

2. Tribal Print Midi Dress

3. Β Ribbon Trim Shaker Hat

4. Β Double Buckle Ankle Boots

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