Fail-Safe Fashion Fix

Is it just me or are we seriously due some sunshine now?! The on-off again snow season and dreaded rain is making me crave a little Vitamin D in the form of sunny skies and warmer weather. This year my birthday falls on the 2nd, yes 2nd we are lucky this year, May Bank Holiday and V Fest and Glastonbury are both in the dairy and firmly booked off work, so naturally my thoughts turn to updating my wardrobe for Summer. Obvs.

As a self-confessed shopaholic I am trying my hardest not to buy new clothes and wear what I already have, but no one said anything about jewellery. Now, I am alls about rings and they are part of my going-out fail-safes, but I quite like the idea of dressing up an old t-shirt with a statement necklace or wearing bold earrings when I wear my hair up.

So having a little nosey on Season Online Jewellery has defo got me thinking how I spruce up my old Summer clothes without looking like I’ve just recycled last years trends. Yes, I did just say trends.

*This post was brought to you by Season Online

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marthafied says:

    Love that owl ring!! so cute!!

    1. I know, its gorgeous isn’t it!

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