Spiedi: Reality Bites

Heidi and Spencer, Spiedi, The Pratts. Since The Hils began as a Leguna Beach spin-off show on MTv in 2003, Heida Montag and Spencer Pratt have rarely left our screens, with her down-right ridonkulous antics taking centre stage. The star of the show was of course, LC, Lauren Conrad for non-Hills fans, and her fall-out with Heidi due to her relationship with Spencer defo drew up in the ratings on both sides of the pond.


Heidi was the underdog with the viewers loving to hate Spencer. As the seasons progressed, Heidi and Lauren’s frienship iced over whilst Speidi was formed.The final nail in the coffin was Spencer starting a rumour about a supposed sex tape Lauren made and the ‘cast’ distanced away from the couple. Fast forward 10 years and they are making a splash in the CBB house. Having made it through to the last day and isolating themselves away from their housemates, including X Factor’s Rylan and Claire from Steps, as Rylan so affectionatally calls her, they are determind to win over the British voting public.



One of the reasons we love CBB and continue to watch year on year, I feel are down to two reasons. 1. we get to love to hate those ‘celebrities’ who appear on the Daily Mail’s Sidebar of Shame and 2. we get to know the person behind the persona, however Speidi don’t seem to have clocked onto that part just yet.

Determind to secure a spin-off, they insist they know the game and reality tv is their job. If that’s case, why are they so bad at it? With the finale on C5 tonight and Rylan pipped to take the crown, it’s anyones guess where Hollywood’s grouesome two will place, but I know I will be tuning it and reading their ‘coming out’ interview in the weekly magazines on Tuesday!

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