Xmas treats for Mum@Next

When it comes to present buying for my mum I often find she is the hardest to please. Not because she’s picky but because shes a supermarket shopper ie when doing the weekly food shop in Asda she will chuck a new dress in the trolley or pick up a new coat, so when I buy for her I want to treat her to something she will get a lot of use out of and to something she wouldn’ normally treat herself too.

So, when I made the dreaded trip to town in search of the ‘perfect’ gift, Next was my one-stop shop. With a fantastic choice of scents, knitwear and handbags I knew I would find something that she would love, still be very much ‘on-trend’ whilst being suitable for my mums age group, the 50+.

This Alpaca Mix Stitch jumper dress is a gorgeous shape and fit as I think she could dress this up with tights and boots whilst the cowl neckline is a great way to still keep warm with a cosy twist. The charcoal shade makes it really easy to transition from season to season.

When it comes to perfume I don’t think you need to splash out on expensive scents. Many high street stores offer their own range of scents suitable from day to night. River Island perfumes are a favourite with me if you just need a little spritz of something to wear during the day, but shopping with my mum in mind I know she will appreciate a Next scent.

They have a great selection, depending on how heavy or light, floral or musk you like your perfume and I know my mum has raved about the Cashmere collection in the past. Next describes their Cashmere Eau De Parfum as a soft and sensuous fragrance combining beautiful florals and delicate powdery musks.

I have spoken out this previously on here, that I am ‘bag girl’ through and through and I think a fantastic handbag makes your outfit. When it comes to my mum’s handbag collection, sshe has two rules. It must be black making it perfect for all occasions and must fit over the shoulder so you’re not awkwadly trying to battle with your bag, as well as a dozen shopping bags at the same time.

When I saw this black Bow Trim Bag I knew it was perfect as it a classic shape but the bow detailing on the front adds a feminine twist. It is a great size, so if like my mum you carry everything bar the kitchen sink around with you on a daily basis this bag is just perfect!

Cashmere Parfume    Bow Trim Bag

Alpaca Mix Stitch Dress

1. Cashmere Eau De Parfume 2. Bow Trim Bag 3. Alpaca Mix Stitch Jumper Dress

Let me know what you think. What are you guys getting your mums this Christmas?

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