Lazy Sunday Afternoon

So, I have abandoned my blog of late since my poor little laptop died and had to go to computer ER to be fixed. Luckily, we were reunited and I can update with what has been going on in my world. Yesterday, I headed to Manchester, my soul city, with one of my best friends to indulge in one of my guilty pleasures- Scissor Sisters.

We headed to the Northern Quarter and made a first time visit to Almost Famous. I had heard great things about this burger joint on Twitter and from other bloggers and we weren’t disapointed. The food was great. I chose the Famous Burger which is your bog standard burger- meat, cheese, sauce and salad. But boy it was good and the mix of chips and sweet potato fries and coldslaw finished my meal off perfectly. We had a couple of cocktails before we headed down to the Apollo.

The Scissor Sisters are so fun and put on such a fantastic show with Ana Matronic making a truly fabulous front woman. We defo had a kiki!

Today is a truly lazy sunday. I made a trip to the gym this morning and boy can I feel it now and catching up with last night’s X Factor. My early faves are Ella, MK1 and James.

Hi there, I read and reply to all the comments I receive. Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by.

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