Secret Sales Hell

When I sat down to write this post I was unsure which angle to take. The angle that I feel I ‘should’ take because of my job and my true feelings. The suject matter at hand- sales shopping. I hate sales. There I said it. Within my day job, sales hitting is a big deal. Its the retail chain money-maker and a great way to trasition from phase to phase. Or season to you and me.

One thing I hate about sales are the big rush. I just don’t understand those amongst us who hit up Next at 6am and queue for hours on end to get the best deals. I mean, yes I probably just hit the nail on the head by stating you get the best deals but I love the rush of putting your card in the machine, or paying by cash if its a good month, and knowing you’ve bought something you really love.

I know you can find things you love in sales (sometimes)ย  but I just feeel we spend 80% of the time trying to convince ourselves we really love the dress/skirt/top we just found and trying to justify the purchase. Yes I reeeaaally need it…..

Online sales are starting to sway my opinion as there is not hussle and bussle and evil girls from the woman behind you who just put that skirt down then appeared to change her mind, whoops too late! But with all this said and done, I am on the hunt for fantastic knitwear and within current monsoon season that is dominating the North-West I suppose it wouldn’t kill me to check out a couple of bargains…….

  1. Lurex Jumper Matalan
  2. Knitted Jumper New Look
  3. Camoflage Jumper New Look
  4. So! Jumper New Look

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