Will it be all Wright on the night?!

So, Sunday saw the second episode of Mark Wrights ‘fun-filled’ documentary-style show, Mark Wrights Hollywood Nights. I think it is safe to say, anyone who tuned in for the first episode and then came back for the second would agree its crap.

Mark and 4 of his best friends (minus Arj, which really bugs me as a massive TOWIE fan) on a 5 week adventure in LA. Now, Mark tells us, the viewer, that some scenes have been created for entertainment purposes only and that his friends have no idea they are being stitched up. To say the show comes across as fake is an understatement. That is one of the reasons we love TOWIE so much, but it seems Wright has took the format, ran with it and done a botched job.

The best bit in my eyes was the arrival of the girls who make up the ‘cast’. Appaz one girl is a mutual friend. I would say more actress who made friends with a very nice casting director who took a shine to her. But, call me fickle, with that said chances are I will still tune in on Sunday to see what cringey Mark is upto this week and see if he really is still living his dream. Yeah blah blah blah, we get it.


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