Belated Post…Soz

So, it seems I have majorly disowned my blog lately, my bad. So, what has happened since my last post on May 1st. Well, quite a bit actually. 

First was The Holiday. You know, that major trip to the other side of the world to see two of my favourites. Oz really was amazing, kinda like everyone makes out to be. But better, if that’s even possible. 2 weeks spent in Sydney was very productive, well with the odd drink thrown in here or there… A week was spent in the city, exploring and doing the usual touristy bits. Then we hired a car and the road trip began. A night in the Blue Mountains, 4 nights up the coast with a day trip to the Hunter Valley wine-tasting, so yeah an excuse to get hammered! Then the remainder of our last week was spent living in Bondi. I totes get why so many brits go backpacking and off on adventure to aus, although I do feel like we pretty much nailed Sydney in the two weeks, so I doubt I would go back to the city. But, it was just brilliant. 




Then, we I returned home my bestie had had her baby! The beautiful, gorgeous, little squish Pip was in the world. Now, for a non-child loving person, the arrival of this little cutie has had a profound affect on me. All I want to do is hold and cuddle her. Yeah, I’m coming to grips with it myself!

And this weekend, I went to watch Coldplay at the Etihad Stadium in Manc. Now, I like them but never loved if you know what I mean. But I defo walked outta there a massive fan on Saturday night. What a show, so so good. If you ever get the chance, just go. Its worth it for the show then put on alone!




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