Wish List- April

What a long month it feel its been since March 26th and the last drop arrived in my bank account. With a baby showe, impromptu nights out over Easter and a hen party I have splurged this month on the usuals- drink, drink, more drink. Oh and cheesy chips on the way home. 

Started the new job this week, so far so good and my holiday is nearly here as I jet off next sat to Sydney. Fingers crossed the weather is nice over on the other side. One bonus however is having already sorted out my spends and have zero out-goings planned for the month of May (till my bday but that nicely ties in with the next payday!) I think its only fair to do what I do best- treat myself!

My fave sites at the min are River Island, A Wear and Lavish Alice. On the wish list so far are a nie pair of brogues as I feel ballet pumps are cutting it at the min and I’m bored of winter boots so I really want a nice pair of shoes for work.






In LOVE with Lavish Alice at the min and these are my top picks from the New In stock. Shame I have to wait till payday……..

            Image   Image   Image

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