It is indeed Laurens Way……

Well, as an avid Heat reader and a huge towie fan its safe to say I have an opinion on one particular cast member who seems to be in the news, read Daily Mail, every other day- Lauren Goodger. Now, I myself am not stick thin so I don’t want to judge on a girls weight but seeing as it is her meal ticket I cannot help but comment. Every Tuesday when the weeklies come out Lauren is featured having a moan about her figure and how she wishes to lose weight. Now, she does wear rather tight clothing and can sometimes appear larger than she is, but its starting to feel like deja vu.


I do realise that by writing this very post I am one of the judgemental people who ‘slate’ her regarding her weight but by making it a topic of conversation on towie and doing interviews regarding her size, Lauren doesn’t do herself any favours, Yes, many of the pap shots are unflattering and she could maybe go up a dress size then her outfits wouldn’t be too revealing, but I am sick of reading about her figure. Either go on a diet and lose the weight or accept your figure is the UK average and learn to love your shape. Lets hope by the next series of towie the matter is put to bed!

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