Royal Wedding? No thanks.

Berlin is in 8 days and I am far too excited. The sun has his hat on at the moment, sunnies are out and beer gardens are full again. Fingers crossed the weather is like this over on the german side. Another major plus to this being right around the corner, the Royal Wedding.

Luckily I will be out of the country for said event, and I cannot wait. I don’t know whether its just me, but I don’t care. Not a massive fan of Kate or Wills. Don’t see Kate as a fashion icon as every magazine you seem to open this week does either. No Heat magazine, I don’t want to steal Kate’s style and I guess neither do most of your readers.

I have to say this does shock me a little. I read every celeb magazine every tuesday religiously, know the whereabouts of Mark and Lauren, Katy and Russell and Khloe and Lemar, (mainly through the joys of twitter) love every aspect of celebrity intrusion, whether it be ITV2 or E!, but with Kate and Wills Im not interested. I think because there’s no scandal or rumour I find it boring. I mean this is our future king but I am more interested in what Chelsey and Harry get up to. Maybe I am from the younger generation and I need a touch of the Big Fat Gypsy Weddings about the whole affair but I feel its gonna be a nice PC day.

So, luckily I will be away from the madness and downing copious pints of ice cold beer next Friday whilst the UK seem to be going royalist. Hopefully I can get through the next week without having to hear or see any of the millions of programmes featuring the couple and I can fly away on my Easyjet plane happy in the knowledge I’ve escaped. And as long as they stay on a very very very long honeymoon it will stay that way.

Anyway, I’m going to Berlin for my best friend’s hen do- that’s a far more important wedding to celebrate in my eyes!

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