Standard Sunday

Another 10 jobs applied for, more work experience enquired about, email accounts updated and junk mail deleted. Visited the grandad, nipped in Primark and walked out with a new leather shearling jacket and a beauty of a summer-dress, (despite the current downpour), and safe to say the mother and I are massive costco converts after a daytrip yests. Wistful daydreaming on Topshop and River Island, and given in and downloaded Gaga’s new song. My weekend in a nutshell, just one thing left to do. Decided I must post a much belated blog post, but what about?

My ever so boring day so far? My much needed catch-up-on-odd-jobs Sunday?  Think In just covered that don’t you?

Ahh yes, the fact that its the V day tomorrow and one shall be spending it in work, single, surrounded my women, albeit the majority of those are also either a member of my club or constantly slagging off their respective other halves? Standard Monday I reckon.

There is one small bit of news though that has made me smile this weekend. At first it was a rumour, was she, wasn’t she? Had us all guessing, twitter had gone- a-gaga, then it was confirmed. Well by her record company. Beyonce IS to headline Glastonbury this year. Made my Friday at least.

So, here we are, Sunday. Another weekend nearly done. Its been quiet, but you know what? I’ve actually quite enjoyed it!

(As always, ignore count hangers/childhood posters etc, I’m no professional!)

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