Style Crush

Now, I know that she’s always been up there rocking the latest looks her way, and an avid follower of fashion, with an amazing handbag collection to boot, but with every episode of  ‘Fearne and’, I fall a little bit deeper for our gal. She comes across as one of the nicest women on telly, quite frankly I’m jealous that she’s best mates with Holly Willabooby, and her recent engagement to bf Jesse James makes me go abit gooey. But what I want more than ever, is a VIP pass to her wardrobe, and Beth Ditto asked the question just last night on Fearne and Beth Ditto, does she dress herself or does she pay a stylist? And Fearne, seeming quite shocked at the very thought that she would pay someone to style her, very freshingly answered, of course she bloody dresses herself! She’s not Cheryl Cole dont’cha know!

As the weather takes a turn for the worse, (yes, weather again I get it!), I find myself furously filing through my magazines to find pics of Fearne and take inspiration from her, and she’s one of the few celebs whos downtime get up I truly admire. Dressed in scruffy old converse, a pair of leggings and an oversized tee, should could be anyone girl on my local high street, until you notice the Mulberry hanging off of her, so this winter I think I shall be attempting to emulate her style, although probably at half the price! I am a high street girl through and through after all!

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