Social Issues- The route of all evil?

Since I made the decision yesterday to delete my Facebook page it seems to have acquired a few mixed responses from my friends- how will we keep in touch and why would I do such a thing? One friend stated that she can’t seem to remember a time before the social networking site was inflicted upon our on-line lives. Sad statistic or what? But one that in ten years will be echoed by the up-coming teens of the world. With social networking now the norm, I feel it’s time for my very own sabbatical from reality to enable myself to get real.

My reason? Why do I need to read the same boring updates from the same few each day? Half of my so called ‘friends’ are exactly that from high school and even primary school. The rest acquaintance’s  I have met along the way, added and then never spoken to since. The only friends I do need to stay in touch with text me in a worried state. Was there something wrong? Why would a person delete their online profile for all and sundry to see?

Because it dawned on me. Those I consider ‘real’ friends, outside of the crazy space-time continuum, I choose to ring, write and hell I might even carrier-pigeon too. We may live in the digital era but I’ve decided it’s  time to pick up the phone again and ring instead of BBM, DM and PM.

I mean, what did we do before Facebook and Twitter? And it also makes me wonder, what will it be next?

Hi there, I read and reply to all the comments I receive. Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by.

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