Graduate hell

According to a new survey out today on the BBC news website

It seems for any graduate to actually succeed in the rat race and be in with a chance of getting a job, a 2.1 degree is required.

Now, that worries me slightly. Or does it? When I eventually graduate I should, (being the operative word) be coming out of 16 years of education with a degree at a 2.2 level.

Alongside, four A Levels and countless GSCE’s, so why is it with that much education under my belt the Association of Graduate Recruiters deem is necessary for one third of all graduates to not even be in the running?

Unfair? Definitely. Sign of the times? Certainly.

Here’s hoping that by the time November rolls round and I *fingers crossed* will have a Journalism degree under my belt, some employer somewhere will find it in their heart to offer me job.

Maybe this info should be passed onto any unsuspecting first years come September, cos it seems that sometimes your best just isn’t good enough.

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